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An Illuminating, Unforgettable Moment at the Tate Gallery

26 May 2011 Lens: Pens: My entire life has been encircled by artists and their works. I grew up with a talented mother (1919-2005) who was immersed in the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950s and 60s. Not only did … Continue reading

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Words as Evergreen Cultural Phenomenons

19 May 2011 Lens: Pens: As we grow and mature, language becomes our instrument and voice. Our blossoming vocabulary is dependent on human history and the generation in which we grow. As the past and present knock up against each … Continue reading

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My Digital Media Assistants: Positions Filled

12 May 2011 Lens: The Juxtaposition of Nature and Human Nature Pens: Many of us are on the edge of our seats every time that a new digital device (or greater permutation on the old) is released for public consumption. … Continue reading

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Bamboo and its Multiple Personalities

05 May 2011 Lens: Pens: I nominate bamboo as the next best thing in the twenty-first century. Yes, it’s a seemingly odd choice, and your doubtful reaction might be justified. So what is it that I see in its character … Continue reading

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