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Summer Vacation= Experiential Learning + Reading

  30 June 2011 Lens: Pens: Sure, summer vacation for middle and high schoolers holds the possibility of fun and more fun. For some work is the agenda. True, mid-June into August offers a variety of possibilities. At the top … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and Polaroid, Really

16 June 2011 Lens: Here are two of my hand-manipulated Polaroids from 1994 and 1995; others can be found on my Homepage under Photographs, 1990s-2010. Pens: Photography has a history of changing the way we view everyday life. Today’s mass … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Life in Six Words: Gimme a Few Slices of Yours

10 June 2011 Lens: Pens: Last week as I was pouring a glass of chilled pomegranate red tea, I spied words encircling the inside of the bottle cap. Even though this marketing strategy is old hat, my curiosity still was … Continue reading

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