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The Alchemy of Light: Part Two–The Illuminated Night

30 December 2011 Lens: I welcome your comments about any of these nighttime photographs. Pens: The night sky has been one of the most intriguing physical phenomenon for humans to understand. It remains mysterious and continues to be a playground … Continue reading

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Longwood Gardens Year-End Photo Shoot

28 December 2011 Lens: Note: Please let me know which photograph is your favorite. Pens: When I decoded my journey for the last few days of this year, a photo shoot at one of the country’s premier gardens was a … Continue reading

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Photography: End of the Year Photo Shoot

23 December 2011 Lens: Yesterday I took my grandson on campus to take year-end photographs of him. Behind the University’s studio arts building is the end of the semester works by some of the Master of Fine Arts graduate students–a … Continue reading

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The Alchemy of Light: Part One–the Winter Solstice

22 December 2011 Lens: Pens: Mother Nature provides phenomenon that blends into our day or jolts us into attention. Today is an opportunity to fixate on one of her marvels: the winter solstice that gives us (in the Northern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ray Eames

15 December 2011 Lens: Designs by Nature Designs by Human Nature I welcome comments about my photographs. Please let me know your favorite or favorites. Pens: Today I celebrate the anniversary of Ray Eames’ birth on 15 December 1912. She … Continue reading

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Hometown Appeal

08 December 2011 Lens: This week’s images have a theme of glass and its incredible reflective qualities as well as distinctive colorations. The first is a three-dimensional sculptural paperweight that stands 4″ high x 3″ wide. The next three are … Continue reading


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