WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

31 August 2012


Union Square, San Francisco, Nikon DSLR, June 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012


WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge gives me the opportunity to show one of my favorite memories from a spectacular holiday with my teenage grandchildren. The photograph posted in the Lens section is exemplary of the adventure and joy bestowed by our travels: we sustained by a sense of freedom, hence we exuded a free spirit. Well, at least that’s the way we felt.

In the photograph my grandchildren are jumping for joy. Their exuberance is clear. San Francisco opened her arms and expanded their horizons.

That free spirit allowed us to explore on foot the depth and breath of a city with so much to offer. They stretched their notion of life and its possibilities.

We absorbed. We inhaled. We laughed. We savored. We smiled. We collapsed. We kept going. We tried the new, storing stacks of adventures.

Every moment was used. Every moment was admired.

My teenage grandchildren grabbed each opportunity, and temporarily shed the East Coast that is home. They adapted to an urban center that is opposite to their everyday life. They caught that sense of Western aesthetics and culture, and held it the entire trip. Their free spirits soaring; our lives changed.

Note: As always I welcome any comment about this post or any part of my blog.

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8 Responses to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

  1. An action shot with added happiness.

  2. I love the jump. A celebration of happiness and freedom to have fun. And I do miss walking around Union Square. We would go there during Holiday time and it was amazing!

  3. marialla says:

    What a nice picture!! It really is fun to catch action shots. I was lucky once to catch my nephew jumping into the pool. I didn’t really think that I caught it but I did.
    Just a quick question – these challenges – do you make them up or does wordpress and how do you get involved in it??

  4. jbjourneyer says:

    Great photo and article. I have been to San Fran several times over the past five years and always enjoyed shedding my NYC mentality for a laid back feeling at least for a few days.

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