WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

14 September 2012


Picnic Benches, Nikon DSLR, September 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012


This week I attended my grandson’s cross country competition at one of Delaware’s scenic state parks. Its stone-lined walls and barely-mowed areas leave the protected land mostly as nature intended. The trails are perfect for the cross country runners, and the day welcomed them with glorious skies and low 80s temps.

Before the race began, I walked along the edges of the park searching for a photo opportunity. Just above me on a small hill was a lone picnicker hidden in the shadows of the afternoon. When I saw WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge, this image flared into my thoughts.

While summer winds toward its finale, everyday life can still consist of the outdoor meal. Picnics are the quintessential summer activity–one enjoyed by families, friends, lovers, singles, colleagues, and even strangers. In my part of the planet we are able to partake in this outdoor pleasure three seasons of the year. But occasionally we can venture outside during a winter’s spring-like surprise, and dine under the midday sun or midnight stars.

Others are particularly fortunate to live in climates where picnics can be enjoyed year round. Dining outdoors can  be one of life’s most delightful everyday activities–breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and crumpets, and dinner.

Nothing is needed, but a simple display of foods. Still, I think about elaborate feasts that are not the everyday, but conjure much more preparation.

In the Lens section is the composition that drew my camera to eye. It says so much in so little. An elderly man is having an afternoon picnic, waiting for whatever the park provides as part of his solitude. He’s nestled between two stately trees, like bookends securing his spot. I envision him replicating this quiet scene over and over as an everyday part of his everyday life.

Note: As usual I welcome any comment about this post or any part of my blog.

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28 Responses to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. munchow says:

    It’s a such a peaceful picture full of ambience. A lovely composition and very graphical. I like the little man against the big trees. And I like the silhouette in the shadows against the sunlit park. It’s hard to make this kind of picture work in B&W, but you managed. Great work!

    • Many thanks, yes, I’m sure that each of us can build a different narrative based on the scene. By the way each time that I read one of your posts, I need a few days to ponder your images and comments. You’ll hear from me today or tomorrow.

  2. The man under the tree reminds us about the simple joy and pleasure of nature, solitude, great food, of the joy of being together with the people that makes you laugh and smile. Beautiful images with dramatic black and white effect.

  3. Gracie says:

    Wonderful shot, Sally! I like how it was treated in B&W to show just the silhouette.

  4. Very nice shadows on that one. The strong lighting makes a good monochrome image.

  5. eof737 says:

    This is beautiful; poetic too. 😉

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