WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

19 October 2012


Silhouette, Nikon DSLR, 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012


Silhouette is the theme of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. As I searched for an appropriate entry, I thought of the image in the Lens section.

This photograph is a celebration with my grandchildren. The backlight was pristine, casting itself through the doors and outlining my grandson. The candle, which is lit in front of him, instigates a narrative.

The story behind every silhouette is surrounded by drama and mystery. There is a hidden subject, but the viewer must fill in the details, which is exactly why this explanation is brief.

Note: As always I welcome comments about this post or any part of my blog.

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28 Responses to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Beautiful silhoutte. It shares a wonderful moment that celebrates the joys that family gives to each other. The play of light and dark shadows are amazing.

  2. Val says:

    Is it ‘as it was’ or did you post-process it? It looks like the central part of the silhuette is total black. very interesting and I like the contrast with its surrounds.

  3. munchow says:

    It’s a great silhouette. The fact that you still have visual elements in the background gives a story to the picture. Why is the person looking out the window? Is he looking for some adventures out there, or maybe just some friends? The tones in the picture are beautiful.

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  5. Love the contrast- it helps create an atmospheric pic.

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  12. This photo challenge is very nice. I like the black and white and everything about this photo.

  13. Gracie says:

    Very nice, Sally! I like the clarity of the silhouette outline of your grandson.

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