Autumn 2012

29 October 2012


1. Maple in Autumn. Nikon DSLR,October 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012

2. Maple in Autumn 2012, Nikon DSLR, October 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012

3. Sycamore in Autumn, Nikon DSLR, October 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012

Let me know which is your favorite.


In my small pocket of the world summer’s seasonal shift can be steadily provocative, slow in the transition, or quick with enthusiasm. Regardless, there is always some luscious part of Mother Nature that lures my eye.

We have not had an autumn that is memorable for its radiance and color delivery system. A tree here and there, a leaf here and there. But the longed-for sweeping landscape with its magical coloration did not visit this year.

Still, those small pops of tangerine reds, deep oranges and sunshine yellows are to be found. The other day a gorgeous lone tree among many was the starlet.

Days swing from 60s to 70s, and one cold night brought a bit more brilliance. Then suddenly leaves are vanishing from their anchors, and trees are showing their angles and lines.

Since autumn 2012 has not been overzealous, there are peaks and valleys to tuck into the treasure chest. But it has been unseasonably warm, and that makes me happy.

In the Lens section are three of this season’s visuals that appealed to my eye. Each has its own personality and drew me into its drama.

For me even a few flares are enough. I do not need waves of it to appreciate Mother Nature’s magic wand.

Note: As always I welcome comments about this post or any part of my blog. As I sit here about to launch this post, the weather has become the center of my region’s world. The winds are beginning to increase, and the rain grows heavier and heavier. I live in Delaware, USA, a place that is bracing for a confluence of meteorological events. Sandy is blazing her way into our lives, and it’s rather unsettling.

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28 Responses to Autumn 2012

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Dramatic & beautiful!

  2. The first shot is simply amazing!!!

  3. rtd14 says:

    You are right. There has not been a change of color at once in the trees. I live in a place that is still in the 60s and sometimes 70s during the day. There are trees that have already changed their colors, and others that have not.

    I like the second photo a lot. The color and the Geometric shape are both sharp features. All the photos are great, though!

  4. Stunning! The first one looks like the tree is on fire in perfect contrast to the awesome blue sky. Moving images that captures a mesmerizing moment. Beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  5. "Occam Blade" says:

    Hope the Super Storm spared you and your loved ones. I have family in New Jersey and they only suffered the inconvenience of no electricity. I like the B&W sycamore because of its unbridled energy and direction. It felt like me searching for direction and peace.

    • I do appreciate your concern. We are fortunate to have had little repercussions from the storm that beat and lashed the East Coast. While it came through my city, the effects were minimal. But the coast of Delaware suffered, and it may take years for some areas to rebuild. Thanks for your comment about the black-and-white photograph.

  6. marialla says:


  7. Can’t decide a favorite — it’s between the first and third. 🙂

  8. The first pic is wonderful just for the sheer richness of the colour but my favourite is the black and white shot as few autumn pics appear in b&w and I like the shadows of leaves on bark. Great post.

  9. arsomniaa says:

    The first is magic! I like the red of leaves near blue sky–

  10. rrosen1 says:

    Up here in Maine the colors have also been blah. You have made up for it with these two memorable catches.

  11. Gee whiz. Now you must worry about a severe storm and I think it is barreling its way up the east coast. I will keep you in prayers and I will send you good vibes, if that is possible. Don’t know about this karma thing. Anyway back to your post of autumn leaves. I much prefer the closeup of the leaves. So much color. We hardly have any leaf color where I live iin drab central Texas. But I enjoy the photos that are posted in the blogs that I read.

  12. Gracie says:

    Beautiful brilliant colors, Sally! I wish these colors were here to stay.

  13. lly1205 says:

    The first one is my favourite. I love the colours, but most of all the scale of the picture

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