WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

31 May 2013


Backward and Frontward, iPhone 4s, March 2013; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2013

Backward and Forward, iPhone 4s, March 2013; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2013

Let me know what you think about my photograph.


Signs are emblematic of information that fills the visual landscape subtlety or blatantly. They carry messages that fill the spectrum in their advertisement or celebration. They usually state the obvious and not-so-obvious, but they always warn or placate or entice or persuade or repeat and repeat.

They are cultural icons that are ever-present, and change as the winds of the economy blow eastward or westward. Or they are long-lasting. Or hung for a day’s event.

Sometimes the professionally designed are little competition for a handmade lemonade sign. But to say much in a few chosen words is the ultimate test of signage that fulfills its mission.

With WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme of The Signs Says, I immediately recall the image that I posted in the Lens section. This sign is an attention seeker, and does its job very well: warning.

Cleverly conceived signs capture many viewers. They covet their duty and responsibility, and foremost are charged to spread their message.

Note: As always I welcome comments about this post or any part of my blog.

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18 Responses to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

  1. marialla says:

    Well it is certainly an interesting find – that is for sure!!! I guess any being stuck between the wall and the lower sign would truly appreciate the lower sign which would be – for them – backwards and hence not so easy to understand right away. thank you for the unique find.!! Mari

  2. Tina Schell says:

    Good choice and well commented! Nice post Sally 🙂

  3. Gallivanta says:

    A curious sign! I think I might be so confused reading it all that I would do something the signs are warning me not to do.

  4. Now that is a warning I will definitely follow. I don’t want to be electrocuted! But in this crazy world of YouTube antics, you’ll be surprised how many would do it and even make a video of it. Crazy right? Have a fun weekend.

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  6. I truly like what you wrote!

  7. I like the contrast, the shapes, and the composition. Well done.

  8. Madhu says:

    Good one 🙂

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