Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro (and a Single Flower)

09 February 2015


1. Geranium Blossom; Copyright © 2015 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved/Lens and Pens by Sally

1. Geranium Blossom; Copyright © 2015 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved/Lens and Pens by Sally

2. Geranium Blossom; Copyright © 2015 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved/Lens and Pens by Sally

2. Geranium Blossom; Copyright © 2015 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved/Lens and Pens by Sally

Let me know which you prefer and why. Click onto image to enlarge.


They’re arriving daily. Those early signs of Spring. A large pile is accumulating by the kitchen window. It’s as if the sunlight will sprout and the rain will nourish selections. Yes, seed catalogs are keeping my spirits perked with chatter about flowers, herbs and vegetables. In fact, I mailed my order to The Cook’s Garden last week. I’ll be blissfully awaiting their arrival.

The Cook's Garden catalog, 2015

The Cook’s Garden catalog, 2015

The landscape is resting and its solemnity sometimes forces much contemplation: the cycle of life, seasonal paces, circadian rhythm, movement of day to night. Winter pushes introspection in ways that spring, summer and fall shirt. Though each does have its way with me, giving me deeper or lighter moods to carry me through the days.

I’m always amazed at the genuine effects that Mother Nature has upon me. Each of us is spirited by one or a few or many passions. Certainly the natural world and its teeny tiny and larger gifts has been a mainstay in my adult journey.

At this moment I can hear the bluebirds. Their melodious back and forth is another sign that Spring is not too far in the distance. They are preparing, just as I am. My eyes court their gorgeous markings, and I feel a surge of enthusiasm for this day’s temps that are rising. It’s the same reaction that I have every day when flocks of geese fill the sky overhead on my daily walks. They seem to appear from nowhere to pluck my heartstrings.

In the Lens section are images of the result of one of my winter indulgences (hot chocolate is another): a geranium blossom that I snipped this week. Geraniums are brought inside at the end of each summer’s season. They fill my kitchen with their scent and bring color occasionally throughout the winter months. This tiny blossom was another beacon of hope in my week.

Tip of the Week:

As part of my mission to introduce competitions, here is a photography contest that honors nature: the International Garden Photographer of the Year, Macro Art category.

From their Website: “The competition is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike. Entries are welcome from any country in the world. There are no restrictions on the type of camera you use, or the techniques you use to produce your final image. You have to pay a fee to enter. But unlike free competitions, we provide feedback on request (after the judging), we have a huge range of cash and other prizes available to winners and to runners-up, together with the unique prize of having a photograph exhibited in our exhibitions.”

Ethereal Beauty, Anna Omiotek-Toott, Third Place Winner, 2014

Ethereal Beauty, Anna Omiotek-Toott, Third Place Winner, 2014

While the competition has closed for this year, you can check back this month for the results. Click here to see their website, They have other categories that might urge you to enter next year.

View other entries for this week’s challenge:


As always I welcome comments about this post or any part of my blog.

If you’d like to join the Photo Challenge, please click here for details. If you have any questions, please contact me. Below is a reminder of the monthly schedule with themes for upcoming Photo Challenges:

1st Monday: Nature.

2nd Monday: Macro.

3rd Monday: Black and White.

4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel).

5th Monday: Editing and Processing with Various Apps Using Themes from the Fourth Week.

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72 Responses to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro (and a Single Flower)

  1. restlessjo says:

    Don’t worry, Sally! Spring is definitely on the way 🙂 The crocuses were peeping out here this morning and there are some tiny purple iris at a neighbours..
    No. 2 please- I can see your geranium more clearly in all its beauty.

  2. Hard to choose. They are both beautiful!!!

  3. Love the little signs and blooms of Spring. Here in Texas, feels like Spring has already arrived, from the cool yet comfortable weather to the refreshing colors sprouting everywhere. Beautiful red flowers, perfect for the month of hearts and romance. Have a great week ahead my friend.

  4. badfish2 says:

    Yikes!! Awesome. I prefer the second photo because I like the composition better, and I like the black space. It feels a more dynamic shot to me. I didn’t take a shot this week, and I want to enter next week’s B&W, but I don’t think my iPad does B&W. I’ll see what I can do…edit-wise, maybe.

    • Lovely to hear from you. When you edit your images, you should be able to convert them to black and white. Or you can get an app such as hueless that takes the images in black and white. Hope that you can sort it out. I appreciate your comment and visit.

  5. Su Leslie says:

    Gorgeous images Sally; the colours are wonderful. Here’s my take on the theme:

  6. Lovely images – as always. But what really caught my attention this time was Ethereal Beauty. Really ethereal in the true meaning of the word.

  7. Virginia Duran says:

    Hello Sally! So glad to be back 🙂 Didn’t know you were now hosting competitions! Loved the cheerful colors!

    • Virginia, lovely to hear from you. Yes, I’ve been offering this event for quite some time. The photo community, which ebbs and flows, learns from each other. See you soon. Love your posts on architecture.

  8. livvy30 says:

    I really like the second shot Sally.

  9. Fabulous color, detail and composition. The horizontal has a proportion and vantage point that I find more pleasing.

  10. wisejourney says:

    Utterly luscious !

  11. Beautiful photos, Sally. I love the color. That first one made me think of silk and velvet. 🙂

  12. elisa ruland says:

    Hi, Sally. Both are lovely! I like how the stem is framed by the curl of the top flower in the first photo, but I like the composition on the dark background of the second. It will have to be a tie this week!

  13. Tina Schell says:

    Looks like you brought spring inside with this lovely blossom Sally. I much prefer the creative approach in your second shot.

  14. segmation says:

    What a nice use of color! You are certainty talented! Thanks for making my day!

  15. Isn’t the contrast of colour in your photo amazing. Nature never gets the combination of colour ( between the calyx and flower) wrong, does it? I have NOT posted a floral macro this week, trying to find something a bit different in my collection.

  16. ChristineR says:

    I like the second photo the best. The blackness brings out the colour and texture. Lovely. I think I shall grab my Nokia and join in (but first I shall look at everyone else’s photos).

    You have dark skies and approaching Spring, and here downunder I swear one of the nearby trees is already showing hints of autumn. 🙂

  17. I’ve got to remember to bring in our geraniums before frost this year, your blooms are so pretty! I think #2 is my favorite today, Sally. Great shots. 🙂

  18. Gallivanta says:

    In both these photos, I can sense your pleasure and delight in your geraniums. Such a beautiful colour.

  19. DG MARYOGA says:

    Superb detailed macro dear Sally! Love the brilliant, passionate colouration of the geranium!
    Have a wonderful day 🙂 xx

  20. Suzanne says:

    Another fascinating post Sally. The photo that took out third prize in the competition is beautiful.

  21. I just love your photos this week. I think my favourite is the second one. I just love the colours.

  22. So difficult to choose between your photos Sally, both capture me! I have tried for some extreme closeness this week, did I succeed?

  23. suej says:

    Second one for me, Sally…I prefer the composition, and that bit of negative space on the upper right gives the image a bit more tension. Great!

  24. The first one looks like a pink geranium cosmos one could become lost in. I’m impressed by the sharpness of both of such a small flower! I offered a black and white challenge to all your folks and you of course are included.
    Happy Monday Challenge

  25. Angeline M says:

    I love the second one best for its composition. I have for the first time just posted from my phone. Who knows what that will look like! I’m away from my pc.

  26. ~meredith says:

    Loved your post, Sally.

  27. Good afternoon Sally.
    It is always difficult to make choices between your photos as you make original compositions and inspiring photos.
    I am grateful for your challenge as it has given me the opportunity to learn from yours and others’ excellent photos.

  28. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Sally, Love these images. The first one with the detail of the stem is very pleasing.


    I love both – the perspective is powerful, calming and inspiring alike.

  30. Gorgeous Sally. I love the detail in the first image.

  31. Julia Manuel says:

    Not able to choose one both are vibrant and interesting, inspiring! Wonderful to find you on Janet’s blog, I’m looking forward to joining your challenge ☺ peace, love & light, jules

  32. Maria F. says:

    Very nice. You were able to capture the calyx and calyxes are most often ignored because they are on the back of the flower. Very nice and detailed. Are you using the macro of the phone?

  33. kerlund74 says:

    Awesome love the first photo!

  34. LavendarLadi says:

    Wow! I love how the light is highlighting the petals in the first photo!

  35. Today I’m not choosing one photo over the other, Sally. I like the perspective from underneath the flower as well as the vivid and welcome color. Looks as though it will be a grey day here and that color is so welcome!! Stay warm and keep thinking of spring. 🙂


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