Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (and Seemingly Early Arrival of Spring)

06 March 2017


Taken in Camera+ and edited in Snapseed and Pixlr

Crack in the Cosmic Ice Photomontage; Rose Mallow Vine, Longwood Gardens + Icy WCC; Copyright © 2017 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved

Crack in the Cosmic Ice Photomontage; Copyright © 2017 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved

Click onto image to enlarge. Let me know your response to this photomontage. Prints are available upon request.


“Every line we succeed in publishing today—no matter how uncertain the future to which we entrust it—is a victory wrenched from the powers of darkness.” ~~ Walter Benjamin (German, 1892-1940)

The political arena of my country is stealing my time, and I am working at a balance between participation in a resistance and living the life that I choose. It’s an edgy existence.

I want to regain time, but it may not happen in my own cadence. So I turn inward and outward for consolation and a speck of serenity.

Spring as metaphor is an old, old ritual. As winter recedes, renewal pushes through the air and surrenders the ashen, leaden and ghostly patina of bare trees and barely colored landscapes.

This seasonal cycling brings hearts and minds into different realms. It triggers an energy that can sometimes momentarily, at least, ameliorate the pain of society’s ills. This spring will undoubtedly serve to give comfort and even sanctuary. The world needs elements of distractions and refuge, places to retreat from the assaults on our hearts and souls. Our minds have been inundated with surround sound, namely the president and his relentless actions, assaults and barrage.

Miraculously, spring already seems to have arrived in my universe, giving those of us who desperately need its presence, its presence. Bushes leafing, buds appearing, crocuses have naturalized, daffodils budding, blossoms opening on early-blooming  trees, and tulips pushing through the earth’s layer. It’s an extraordinary nod from Mother Nature at a time when our humanity is shaken.

While a hard frost is bound to pounce, I only feel the much-needed exhilaration of the emergence across the landscape. The image in the Lens section is a nod to this transformation. My photomontage aka photographic puzzle* has characteristics of winter and spring. It represents that back-and-forth dance that parades itself with early signs of rejuvenation and renewal. And if you look closely, there is a slight crack in the ice from the  mallow flower (lower edge) through the ice and into the greenery, demonstrating this wavering as the season’s change.

Mirrors reflect what we see, and often what we do not allow ourselves to see. Spring has that quality, exhibiting jewels that are dormant and always, always elevating our mood and our sensibilities.

* Photographic Puzzle © copyright 2017 Sally W. Donatello All Rights Reserved

Tip of the Week:

Here are two online articles with suggestions and tips about landscape photography, using a Smartphone:

  1. “Landscape photography: tips for your smartphone,” published 29 November 2012 by Daniel K. Berman. Click here for Digital Photography Review.

2.    “35 Mobile Photography tips that’ll Help You Take Much Better Smartphone,”                                                                                                                                                                           published 2015) by DL Cade, click here for the 500px website.

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As always I welcome comments about this post or any part of my blog. My photographs for the mobile photography challenge are taken with an iPhone 6.

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30 Responses to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (and Seemingly Early Arrival of Spring)

  1. “The political arena of my country is stealing my time, and I am working at a balance between participation in a resistance and living the life that I choose. It’s an edgy existence.”
    Great lines, Sally. I wish you well in that endeavor. Let not the craziness steal your grace. J.

  2. Maria F. says:

    This looks so real.

  3. pattimoed says:

    Great quote by Walter Benjamin and lovely expressive thoughts about spring. I hope the energy of spring is healing and restorative for all of us. 🙂

  4. Tina Schell says:

    Your montage this week reminds me of a piece of stained glass Sally, the light is lovely. We’ve had spring most of this winter here in the south – unusually beautiful sunshine and warm breezes. I prefer not to think of what summer will bring!

  5. Thank you for a powerful & heartwarming reflection. Every day stunning news comes from the White House and I have to be honest – American policy has never been my preference – but this is beyond the beyond. I want you to know Sally, my solidarity is with you and your fellow citizen with the sentiment and wisdom you express. The image and caption you have chosen to illustrate your thoughts provides a powerful metaphor… To take liberty in paraphrasing the ancient writer – there is a season for everything, a time for every purpose under the heavens…

    • Bruce, I’m grateful for your comment, and truly appreciate your response. I’m hopeful that positive actions will emerge out of this chaotic and frightening period of American history.

  6. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful image and words Sally. I hear you loud and clear. It still seems like a nightmare to me. I read about the disastrous changes proposed to cuts on the EPA which will greatly hurt our planet. Meanwhile here we are having record crazy weather. Winter in MN is supposed to be cold and snowy yet it has been in the 50-60s, then last night a thunder storm and tornado which is another record. It is very scary. Still fighting. Thanks for giving me hope.

  7. restlessjo says:

    Spring got to me today, Sally! I was tiptoeing about in a sea of crocus(es), coo-ing over their lovely colours. Definitely uplifting. 🙂 I wish you the same.

  8. You know I like you work very much. But what really impresses me is how different your approach is. You always come back with a new angle and a new idea for composite photos. As always beautiful work, once again.

  9. Wonderful hues and structure, Sally. A debt of gratitude is in order for the supportive connections for versatile scene photographs..

  10. Su Leslie says:

    Beautiful image Sally. Your work in photo montage is so skillful and inventive.

  11. Angeline M says:

    Beautiful, Sally, I’m so glad after looking at it on my iPhone this morning, that I opened it up on my PC just now, for a much better enlarged view; so many intricate lines and reflections.
    Have a good week.

  12. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Beautiful colors and composition, Sally. Thanks for the helpful links for mobile landscape photos. They are timely reminders in preparation for this Spring’s bountiful entrance.

  13. I like your take on the coming of spring, Sally, the balance between the greys, browns, and whites of winter and the colors of the upcoming spring. Have a week filled with happiness and contentment.


  14. Seeing the world in a single flower. Such dramatic colors very different for you.
    Thanks for iPhone tips I will use this in a iphoto workshop, I’m giving.

  15. Amy says:

    Beautifully done, Sally! Amazing colors…

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