Visual Reflections: Nature Photography in the Age of Uncertainty: No. 42 (Abstraction in Nature Photomontage)

07 May 2018


Taken in Camera+ and edited in Snapseed and Pixlr.

Cactus and Hydrangea Photomontage; All Rights Reserved 2018 Sally W. Donatello

Abstraction in Nature Photomontage; All Rights Reserved 2018 Sally W. Donatello

Click onto image to enlarge. Let me know your response to this collage. Prints are available upon request.


Abstraction in nature pervades the landscape; it busts out of what we perceive to be the natural world’s precise representations. At first glance angles, lines and shapes can translate into branches and leaves and four-legged foxes. Still, when we become more aware, we  can see the less defined.

Photograph a macro of a cactus and the subject can suddenly be amorphous. Take an image of a meadow and the subject can be less available for individual parts of the whole. Thus we must be open to what we see, and our ability to give unexpected meaning to the  visual. Sometimes it is a matter of re-orientation to what is before us. 

Abstraction is one aspect of spring’s feverish rejuvenation of the visual world. Waves of color accompany this awakening. As color begins to illuminate the way, my spirit becomes enlivened with more and more hope. Nature is one of humanity’s best healers, bringing revelations and surprises.

When I made the photomontage in the Lens section, I wanted to recreate that idea of nature’s abstract coloration. The combination of a cactus and hydrangea resulted in that feeling of nature’s tinting our visual universe with a flair of bold or modest bravado. 

Sometimes the landscape pulls apart the objective from the subjective, or the subjective from the objective. But the wonder of the non-representational comes from its ability to stand for more than a mixture of color. Rather it will exude a kaleidoscope that dances before us, and unveils more depth and emotions.

Abstraction can be the perfect inspiration for one’s imagination and pursuits. Abstraction can be the perfect instigator for life’s hidden possibilities. 

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22 Responses to Visual Reflections: Nature Photography in the Age of Uncertainty: No. 42 (Abstraction in Nature Photomontage)

  1. I love this! It’s like a deep purple dream flowing through a sea of green! 😊💕

  2. Gallivanta says:

    I love the depth and richness of this montage.

  3. I love that you talked about the idea of abstraction and complexity in nature, which makes it precisely so marvelous to behold. The same abstraction and complexity of which we ourselves are composed.

  4. Sally, I love the combination of deep purple and green. When I first looked at your photo I was reminded of a lush down comforter and a cool spring night. Abstract thoughts at play in my mind.

  5. iScriblr says:

    Wow, beautiful!

  6. Love the color, Sally. I felt a bit abstract today, too, so I enjoyed that part as well. 🙂


  7. Amy says:

    This image is a fine abstract artwork. Thank you, Sally for explaining the abstract. 🙂

  8. restlessjo says:

    I was looking so hard, Sally, but I still didn’t come up with the hydrangea. Clematis was as near as I got, but I love what you’ve created. 🙂 🙂

  9. Angeline M says:

    This abstract, the color, takes my breath away. Simply exquisite. And yes, we must be open to what we see.

  10. pattimoed says:

    Hi, Sally. I love that deep shade of purple! Beautiful image. Lovely abstraction. I can tell you’re enjoying spring! 🙂

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