Nature Photography: Coexistence (No. 30) – Peony Collage

20 May 2019


Peony Collage; Sally W. Donatello 2019 All Rights Reserved

Click onto image to enlarge. Let me know your response to this collage. Prints are available upon request. 


As spring continues its metamorphosis, the multiplicity of surprises always inspires. This particular unfolding of the 2019 season has created rather lush sensational floral appearances. There are favorites and as each vies for my attention, I am reminded of their possession of my senses and sensibilities.

Last week the peonies’ melodious aromatic serenade swept through my morning walks. The blossoms of this flower stun with an appeal that entertains with their design and layers of petals that are soft and silky to the touch. Truly, I can never keep from diving face first into their pillowy graceful comfort.

At a distance this particular grouping seems “pure” white. But no flower is truly white. There is either an dash/edge of color or a center of color or pollen that scattered its yellow-orange lure.

In the Lens section are three vantage points of one such beauty: a collage that tries to show its essence. The top and bottom images have been converted to black and white. The middle image struts its true colors: white with edges of dark pink.

Peonies leave me breathless, astonished by their splendorous thin layers of petals, those imperfect edges and almost ruffle-like charm. Nature really knows how to cheer me, how to raise my mood, how to persist in unveiling something that I’ve seen for decades, and then remind me that it seems like my very first time to be visually saturated by its unique majestic qualities. Year-after-year they astonish and seduce.

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22 Responses to Nature Photography: Coexistence (No. 30) – Peony Collage

  1. Visual poetry …love it

  2. Tina Schell says:

    I remember the peonies of my garden in NJ years ago. I used to adore their delicate beauty. Such an ephemeral bloom. Your collage is lovely and the middle photo shows us the natural grace of the flower’s charm

  3. That’s a good observation about white flowers having at least a tinge of some other color.

  4. Amy says:

    Gorgeous! So beautifully captured, Sally. 🙂

  5. A beautiful triptych. And, yes, peonies are special flowers, aren’t they.

  6. Blooming peonies are a must for Memorial Day but this year ours bloomed early. We did have one glorious bouquet of pink ones.
    You did a great job capturing the bloom intensity in your shots.

  7. Luanne says:

    Peonies are my favorite flowers!

  8. restlessjo says:

    I love peonies, Sally, but usually resplendent in deep pink 🙂 🙂

  9. These are beautiful, Sally. If you hadn’t mentioned the color in the second shot, I would have missed it, it’s so delicate. But the B&W works so well.


    • Janet, as you know, when conversion helps the viewer trull appreciate the image, it is divine. Color can be distracting. But with its minimalist touches the dark pink on the middle image is just the right amount for this flower. Thanks for your response.

  10. pattimoed says:

    Beautiful, delicious images, Sally. A true highlight of spring.

  11. Ahh, Sally, I love the amount of light that you have captured in these photos. The middle one is quite stunning with it’s texture and form. At a quick glance it could be a wadded up sheet of paper, but upon further review the delicate petals and blush of color on the edges take on a life of their own. Keep up the good work.

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