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Reflections: Thanks for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”

23 October 2012 Lens: Pens: I’ve been on this “blogging” journey for almost a year and a half, and during my travels into cyberspace I have met a creative and productive group of photographers and writers. We move through this extraordinary … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Poets and Maybe, Just Maybe, Poems as Texts and Tweets

30 April 2012 Lens: These images are my ode to poetry through the language of the lens. Let me know which is your favorite. Pens: As the last day of April retreats, poetry month will have been feted from coast … Continue reading

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WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

27 April 2012 Lens: Let me know which image you prefer. Pens: My interpretation of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge takes two different directions. The first image is self-evident: universal symbolism for men and women. The second photograph is two blossoms … Continue reading

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The Alchemy of Light: Part Two–The Illuminated Night

30 December 2011 Lens: I welcome your comments about any of these nighttime photographs. Pens: The night sky has been one of the most intriguing physical phenomenon for humans to understand. It remains mysterious and continues to be a playground … Continue reading

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