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Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Abstraction at Longwood Gardens) (On Another Note, Exasperation Revealed)

25 January 2016 Lens: Let me know which you prefer. Click on image to enlarge, which takes you to another page. If you decide to leave a comment, please return to this page. Pens: The use of the word almost infuriates … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Poets and Maybe, Just Maybe, Poems as Texts and Tweets

30 April 2012 Lens: These images are my ode to poetry through the language of the lens. Let me know which is your favorite. Pens: As the last day of April retreats, poetry month will have been feted from coast … Continue reading

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Language: Using Extinct Words?

15 March 2012 Lens: The first two images are viburnum, which is a showy early bloomer and often upstaged by cherry blossoms. The rest of the photographs are those crowd-pleasing cherry blossoms, which are definitive signals of this year’s early … Continue reading


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The Seed as Inspiration

12 August 2011 Lens: Pens: The beauty of our language is that a word can be born of certain need, and then walk the road of chance and change. The metamorphosis of the human condition requires this flux and response. … Continue reading

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