Longwood Gardens Photo Shoot: Orchid Extravaganza, Part Two

27 January 2012


Orchid, Permanent Collection 1

Orchids, Permanent Collection 1, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012 

Orchid, Permanent Collection 2

Orchid, Permanent Collection 2, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012 

Orchids, Permanent Collection 3

Orchids, Permanent Collection 3, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012 

Orchids, Permanent Collection 4

Orchid, Permanent Collection 4, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012 

Orchids, Permanent Collection 5

Orchid, Permanent Collection 5, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012 

Orchids, Permanent Collection 6

Orchids, Permanent Collection 6, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012 

Note: I’d like to know which is your favorite.


Yesterday I posted the first part of this week’s photo shoot at Longwood Gardens, where their current exhibition, Orchid Extravaganza, overflowed with Phalaenopsis orchids. These plants are one of the most intriguing and sumptuous of Mother Nature’s bounty. Their appearance is addictive, and manifests itself with cravings for more.

Even my affinity for native species doesn’t keep me from admiring and enjoying other flowering plants. Orchids are especially enticing, and I appreciate their individuality and evolutionary survival. The chance to see huge displays was overpowering, and certainly gives them the spotlight that they deserve.

If you’re going to be in the area, do plan a trip to the Gardens before the Orchid Extravaganza is gone (March 25). As I said yesterday, if you really fancy these beauties, the best days are March 23-25 when the Southeastern Pennsylvania Society of Orchids will bring an International Orchid Show & Sale.

Note: Please see yesterday’s post for additional photographs from my photo shoot at the Orchid Extravaganza. Images in this post’s Lens section are from the room that houses some of Longwood Gardens’ permanent collection of orchids.

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346 Responses to Longwood Gardens Photo Shoot: Orchid Extravaganza, Part Two

  1. Candia says:

    Love the red!
    Thanks for my likes and look forward to seeing and praising more of your work.

  2. stunning! one of my favourite plants. Thanks for sharing =)

    • Thanks, Ana Lucia, I really enjoy viewing your blog. Will be returning to the Extravaganza later this month. They’ll be adding an International Show–what fun. Thanks again for the comment and for visiting, Sally

  3. Love Orchids! I have to say they are my top favorite flower! Their sensual shape and colors are just breathtaking.. Love it!!!

  4. Reblogged this on L'heureuse imparfaite and commented:
    Pour le plaisir de partager des photos de si belles orchidées.

  5. Carrie Z says:

    Great shots – and a great use of lighting.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    Shots 1 & 6 are my favorites. Although, to me, all of God’s creations are beautiful, there’s something about the red and the purple; these two flowers look more graceful than the others.
    You have a wonderful eye for photography! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.
    Dulcinea 🙂

  7. My favorites are numbers 4 and 5. I like the green to the right of the red in the orchid in #4 and I like way the white one fills the entire shot on #5. I love photographing orchids they are so beautiful and there are so many varieties.

  8. Wondering if any of these flowers has a specific smell? They are simple and elegant. Thank you for sharing as I love to garden.

  9. nanawajdi says:

    I am a lebanese girl and we don t have this variety in Lebanon,so I enjoy watching ORCHIDS!!

  10. samia2010oct says:

    beautiful…. i like all of them, each has its own place…. no more no less exactly where they should be… and captured very wisely…

  11. marissafh says:

    Beautiful! I visit the yearly Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. Congrats to you that you can keep only 18 of the pictures that you took … I have to learn to have a more critical eye when choosing which photos to keep or show …

  12. I love the last picture. The contrast between the lavender and the green color produces a crisp and clean look.

  13. Dark Fent says:

    This reminds me of my mothers garden of orchids. Those Borneo orchids takes a lot of love and care to bloom. Usually 2-3 years or so.

  14. Am here for the first time and i love the concept: “lens and pens” :)))

    love the 3rd and 5th!!! 🙂

    the look so pretty and beautiful!!! 🙂

  15. DAlmeida says:

    My favorite is the second one. I haven’t seen one like it yet. It looks like a star :-).

  16. Shaggygirl says:

    I think I like both #3 and #4 for their dark exotic beauty. I love Orchids and have photographed them a few times. I’ve tried to grow them too but I’m not very successful. I have two at the moment – still alive but not flowering. Still, it’s progress. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed. Personally I’m delighted because it led me to your blog. And congrats on the Versatile Blogger award (I just got one too!).

  17. Orchid, Permanent Collection 2, Longwood Gardens is my favorite. When I was a little girl my next door neighbor and surrogate grandfather raised orchids in his greenhouse. Thank you for that memory!

  18. theenvironmentor says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. My grandpa died of Alzheimer’s in 2009. He was an avid lover of nature, but most of all orchids. He would spend hours tending to them and always had the most beautiful combinations. When his memory went so did the beautiful flowers. It’s nice to see them again! Breathtaking photos. I know he would say the same. You’re a great photographer and I look forward to seeing what else you put up.


    • theenvironmentor says:

      and…my favorite is number one. I love the bright red and magenta color. Number five is a close second with it’s understated beauty and simple shape. You did a great job of capturing the different types. There are so many more out there! Did you grow these yourself?

    • That’s a very touching story, and I’m pleased that my photographs brought fond memories of your grandfather. Thanks for visiting. and mostly your thoughtful comments, Sally

  19. shullamuth says:

    I like #2 for its spidery profile, and #6 because it feels like a demure and vulnerable portrait of a sentient creature.

  20. kindlingkaye says:

    These are fantastic pictures, I wish to have a garden like these, my pick is the last one as I love the lavender color. totally magnifying.:-)

  21. beautiful – thanks for sharing!!

  22. rkpowers says:

    I would have to vote for #4. Whenever I see orchids it’s not hard for me to see how Walt Disney was able to portray them as more than simply flowers. They have their own ‘faces’ don’t they?

  23. musenote says:

    Love the photos! I think it’s a special skill to be able to capture the true beauty of this plant in a single frame as you have done here! Nice work.

  24. igardendaily says:

    Hi There! I just discovered you from Freshly Pressed! I love Orchids and gardening too. I used to live near Longwood and it was such an inspiring place. Your photos are amazing and I love #2 for the intricate detail of the bloom and color combination. I also love #4, the Lady Slipper. I have not had one of these for sometime now and I love the colors in this one. I look forward to reading more…

    • I’m a devotee to my gardens and am still harvesting herbs. With early signs of spring in a non-winter, I spent hours today doing this and that in a few of my habitats. Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments, Sally

  25. yp25 says:

    Gorgeous shots! I like 2 for it’s soft white color and clarity. I love 3 because that’s one of my fav orchids and my favorite combination of colors. But, 4 is undoubtedly my absolute preferred because paphiopedilums are among my favorite orchids….as are most “lady slippers”.
    Great work and congrats.

  26. najwa says:

    hi sally 😀 I like so much this collection & i like the color of the last one!!thank u:) (i follow recently this website and of course I m so happy)

  27. raajtram says:

    That’s what I call something great !! Cheers

    • Thank you so much, your comment is humbling, Sally

      • Raaj Trambadia says:

        🙂 Actually, there’s one thing I’d like to know. Can you please tell me about the camera that you use for this? Actually, my friend is learning professional photography and I just thought that I could suggest this one 🙂 Cheers

        And please check out my site if you feel like 🙂 – http://raajtram.wordpress.com

      • I use a Nikon DSLR. There are many choices. I would suggest that your friend go to a camera store, and get some advice and ask lots of questions. Most important, if the friend already has a number of lenses then it’s important to know if they will fit the new camera. Good luck, and thanks for visiting, Sally

  28. raghavendra says:

    This is very fine photography. I liked the second one.
    I am really pleased to say this, I found you have responded to each and every comment. Good dignity from you!
    just visit once 🙂

  29. beautyinvoid says:

    The set up of your blogs is brillant! I’d be honored if you checked out mine: http://realeasemysoul.wordpress.com/

  30. Val says:

    I like the second and third ones from the top best, but love the colour of the last one. 🙂

  31. My Favorite is definitely the second shot – but I great composition in #3, as well! Well done!

  32. omaymen says:

    Those pictures is very impressive summit in creativity.

    Thank u for enlighten our day.

  33. I have always loved orchids….they are my favorite flower. And I think you have caught the essence and personality of the orchid quite beautifully….thank you for sharing these.

  34. mye1212 says:

    lovely…4 and 5 are my favorites…

  35. mye1212 says:

    Lovely…4 and 5 are my favorites.

  36. Beautiful! Orchids are my favourite flowers. Of the ones you’ve photographed I prefer the white ones. 🙂

  37. 7theaven says:

    ooh these shots are all soo beautiful!

  38. Onell E. says:

    my mom loves her orchids, showed her these photos and she was sooo delighted ❤

  39. Tara says:

    Such beautiful photos! Makes me want to go and work on my garden!

    • I live on the East Coast of the USA, and we’ve had a warm winter. I’m still harvesting arugula and parsley. That’s never happened. After I answer comments, I’m going to go work in my garden and it’s February. Thanks for visiting, Sally

  40. Beautiful flowers, beautiful pictures.. suddenly remember orchids in my mom’s back yard.. ^^ You should take a picture of black orchids..

  41. janireayala says:

    2 and 4 are beautiful, especially 2 it appears as a whimsical starfish.

  42. maejane28 says:

    I love flowers and orchids…Those photos are enticingly beautiful!

  43. lindalind says:

    I love orchids! I just posted some pictures of a white one that I took today. Love how they photograph 🙂


  44. Ambre Falls says:

    These are really beautiful. 2&5 are my favorites!

  45. I have a friend in Baltimore who is always going to Longwood Gardens. Personally I haven’t been there in many, many years. I fear my traveling days are over.

  46. samacwns says:

    Simply beautiful. I think the white one filling the whole picture is my favorite. Gorgeous!

  47. Sally, your Orchid, Permanent Collection 2 has to be the wildest, most beautiful flower I have ever seen!!! I too, am a photographer of flowers and know how extremely difficult it is to take a great photo of one. This particular photo is stunning!!!

  48. Aidyearts says:

    Beautiful and make me that i wanna try to shoot flowers more ! Thanks for sharing ! COOL PICS

  49. #3 makes me want to dance. I love it. great pixs.

  50. Positively stunning photos! And you’re quite right, orchids exotic beauty are addicting (and the second photo is my favorite). Fabulous post. 🙂

  51. fireygoddess says:

    Reblogged this on Make Something Every Day and commented:
    Citrus drink on a grey day. Great blog post!

  52. taylorannn says:

    Absolutely wonderful flowers and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing. I’ve always loved orchids too, the colors are always a pleasure to look at.

  53. Vickie says:

    #2 is my pick but they are all wonderful! I have 2 orchids in spike right now. Growing these can be addicting. Started with one now I have 10. Thanks for sharing!

  54. mike r says:

    It’s so nice, I love it..

  55. Ryan says:

    Those are lovely shots of orchids! What kind of equipment and camera do you use? You’ve got a great talent for taking photos!

    • Your comments are very much appreciated. I use a Nikon DSLR camera. My favorite lens is the macro, which absolutely requires that you use a tripod. Macro lens are amazing pieces of technology. Often you are able to see things that your eye did not. Thanks for visiting, Sally

  56. Inspiring , vivid, bright and simply…beautiful!

  57. LKD says:

    Hi Sally,
    2, 4 and 6 are my favourites. They are all wonderful, though!


  58. ecocred says:

    2 and 4. i love orchids and love taking pictures of flowers. mine are nowhere near as good as yours!

  59. Dave says:

    Beautiful pics. You might like these from Malaysia.
    These were taken in the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden



    • I really like what you are doing on your blog. Great idea to record your experiences. You seeing a new culture and its beauty, including the orchids, which are lovely. I also like your images of the food. I’m taking a food writing course at my alma mater. It’s so much fun. Thanks for visiting, Sally

  60. So vibrant! Such detail! What talent!

  61. mrbenblue says:

    Wow! These are the breathtaking moments we live for 🙂 Thank you!

  62. The third and the sixth are my favorite. The third for the interesting shape and texture, and the sixth for the color. So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photography, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! You deserve it!

  63. The 2nd last one is somysterious and beautiful, and eerie 🙂

  64. batikmania says:

    Beautiful. I have a very similar one with the no.3 in my mum’s garden. Posted in my blog, batikmania (let me share the link here: http://batikmania.wordpress.com/2009/02/07/another-beauty/ ). I also keep the Brassidium orchid, the white one (similar with the one in your photo #2, and also have the pinkish one). The other similar one that I also have in the garden, is the Paphiopedilum madela, the purple one, #4 on your photo list. At the recent time, those flowers are not blooming, so I am really happy to see these beautiful orchids in your blog. Lovely 🙂 Your pictures are awesome. I love them. It’s difficult to pick my favorite. Umm… maybe #6, the light purple one.

  65. My favorite would be No 3. It resembles an orchid called “Dancing Lady” that we had many years ago when my daughter (now 32) was born.

  66. Phoenix says:

    #3 is stunning, as all of them are. I’m attracted to the fire in the flower. The delicacy the shot captures. Fantastic.

    Your appreciation for what you capture is why I’d love to see your work on my blog. Would you like to be a guest this coming week? Wednesday?

    • Thanks so much for asking me to be a guest contributor. Right now I’m trying to keep up with comments from my blog being Freshly Pressed, and also creating new posts. Maybe another time, but I’m really appreciative of the invite. Thanks for visiting my post, Sally

  67. mrsuave428 says:

    Collection 5 would have to be my favorite. Looks like a small bird [perhaps a dove?] hovering in front of a parent avian. Spectacular pictures. Life is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  68. Beautiful! I love flowers but over all Orchids stand my favorite, they represent such a sensual detail among orchids. I have some I need to post, great job!!!!

  69. alice pngen ..... says:

    Reblogged this on http://www.blogjelex.tk.

  70. schwitters57 says:

    extremely surreal, all of them, but sumptuous. My pick is the white one, number 5. Beautiful photos. I live in Baltimore and I’ve always wanted to go to Longwood Gardens, I just haven’t done it yet. I live near the National Arboretum and that keeps me happy. Thanks.

  71. lupoeta says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  72. Amanda says:

    Your photographs are breathtaking. Orchids are my passion and I love viewing them. What an excellent exhibition to have the chance to attend – I wish I was in the neighborhood! I found the first photograph to be especially captivating. What a unique color.

  73. Katie says:

    Really pretty flowers and pictures

  74. I used to live in Orchid jungles in Colombia and Ecuador and the rain forest of Venezuela. Orchids ran rampant. I particularly loved your photo copyright Orchid, Permanent Collection 5, Longwood Gardens, January 2012; © Sally W. Donatello and Lens and Pens by Sally, 2012.

    Reminded me of a butterfly within. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ellen

  75. mari says:

    Such beautiful flower pictures – especially number 2,4 and 5. Thank you!!

  76. Elena says:

    Beautiful!!!! My birthname means Orchid so they fasinate me, thank you!

  77. I would have to say I liked 3 and 4 the most; the out of focus background adds a nice touch to the clarity of the more focused foreground flowers – beautiful!

  78. goodoldgirl says:

    Really good pics. One and four are my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  79. mjspringett says:

    I love #5, hands down your best work, thanks for sharing MJ

  80. Sonja Bukvic says:

    Gorgeous. I love orchids. They look like they they can speak.

  81. Simply exquisite! Number 2 and 5 are my favorites.

  82. detroittokyo says:

    They’re all SO beautiful! It’s almost impossible to choose.. I like the second and the last most if I absolutely had to.

  83. i love it thats my favorite flower

  84. I like the detail in #5 (the white one). Its hard to have a favorite when there are such excellent colors!

  85. john says:

    Simply beautiful!

  86. andy1076 says:

    The colours are amazing, It’s incredible how well you captured it all so vividly! feels like I was actually there visiting with you. Very nice indeed 🙂

  87. Last year my thoughtful wife had one of these beautiful flowers delivered to one of high school friends for her birthday. It was expensive……well over $150. We understand it lived a long time. Marie was my wife’s girlfriends’ name. The last time we visited, in fact this weekend for dinner, when Marie mentioned the flower, tears swelled up in her eyes. She remarked that in her entire lifetime, before or since, had she ever received a more beautiful flower.

  88. I love #4, brilliant colors and very artistic!

  89. Linda says:

    No. 1 is my favorite — so bright and colorful! As an aside, how did you get the black background in photos 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6? Was there a black wall behind the orchid?

    • My most favorite lens is the macro, which allows for much creativity. Some of the effects come from the positioning of the subject, and others from the “photoshopping;” which I do very little of it. I’m not a purist, but I rarely do extensive editing on my photographs. Glad that you enjoyed them and thanks for viewing my post, Sally

  90. visualriver says:

    #5 is my favorite. I’ve seen them growing in the crooks of trees in Hawaii and cascading down. Beautiful photos!

  91. Pingback: Longwood Gardens Photo Shoot: Orchid Extravaganza, Part Two | Infos Press

  92. indriyajitI says:

    Interested details of Orchid plantation

  93. kcskys says:

    lovely.. #3 is my favorite…

  94. Lily Nova says:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! My favourite has to be the last photo, the purple one, but all of them are so beautiful!

  95. namitalad says:

    hey i liked both white orchids..i never knew these kind of orchids exist..great to see these pictures..

  96. Karen says:

    They’re all beautiful but the purple one is my favorite!

  97. eeaart says:

    I really love the third photo !!! Excellent work! Keep it up! 😀 😀

  98. niki says:

    Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the first one. I love that red on that green background 🙂 …so fresh and full of energy! For me it’s always a pleasure to take pictures of flowers. Always bring you so much joy 🙂

  99. starlight says:

    i love your photos.. my fave is picture #2 because i find it unique resembling animal print. by the way, here’s a photo of my cattleya orchids in my garden.
    congrats on being FP.

  100. Lovely use of colour, light and shade. Should you ever visit Glasgow you might like to check out the Orchid collection at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

    • I’d really like to visit that Gardens’ collection and your country. Whenever I travel, public gardens are a priority. This process of sharing our work with others is so rewarding. I get to meet people, like you, from across the world. How grand is that? I will view the Gardens on the Web. Thanks so much for your kind words, Sally

  101. hisham rauf says:

    Very nice … i like collection 3 most …

  102. Ashok1288 says:

    Photos are really awesome….

  103. theenvironmentor says:

    Reblogged this on The environmentor's Blog.

  104. superb magnificent pics. I like red orchid madly. Nice shot taken.

  105. Shannon says:

    Absolutely gorgeous macro shots! Great work!

  106. Orchids are my favorite. I’ve never had the chance to see so many at once, so even though I’m not there in person, thank you for sharing these!

  107. Rai says:

    Love love love love love

    Also YAY fresh pressed!!!!!!

  108. Roda says:

    Hello Sally … the purple ones were my absolute favourite. You know I was just about to start my new blog which I am planning to call “My garden of flowers from around the world’.

  109. Jox says:

    Stunning photos! I also took some photos of the flowers at the National Orchid Garden, Singapore… 🙂

  110. Northern Narratives says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed 🙂

  111. erranteditor says:

    Your photos are beautiful

  112. Linda Joyce says:

    You capture the beauty and the essence of the orchid beautifully. I grow a few different types, yet remain baffled by how they grow in my hostile indoor climate.
    Thank you for sharing your work.

  113. kasmango says:

    I love the final shot of the purple orchid. The color is beautiful, and at first glance, I thought i was looking at an orchid and its reflection! That second bloom almost tricks the eye. Love it!

  114. caitlin says:

    I like the white orchid most.

  115. Claire Lopez says:

    Love your photos and Longwood Gardens. I haven’t been in 30 years; obviously I need to go back. I like the first and second ones. The first because of the vibrant colors and the second because it’s one I’ve never seen. I adore orchids, but I’ve killed every one I’ve tried to grow. I’ll settle for beautiful pictures. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  116. Java Girl says:

    Orchids are such beautiful and mysterious plants. I like the white one. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  117. Your photos are stunning! I am a beginner photographer. Can you comment on your camera setting and lighting condition? That would help me a lot. Thanks.

    • Of course, to me lighting is very much the essence of the stilled image. It takes a lot of experimentation. My biggest hint in terms of the orchids is the macro lens, which has become obsessively useful. I’ve had my Nikon digital camera for years. While equipment can certainly be your assistant, the best advice is to see a lot of art and photographs. Notice everything around you. Read John Berger’s Way of Seeing and others such as Geoff Dyer’s essays and reviews. It’s a never-ending process of practicing. I can take 100 photographs, and maybe keep two. Hope that this helps. Thanks for visiting, Sally

  118. Theresa says:

    I loved the red orchid the best. Wonderful pictures! 😀

  119. Grumpa Joe says:

    Fabulous plants, even more fabulous photos. I grow Phalaenopsis plants and love them. My friend specializes in slipper orchids, he loves all orchids, as do I.

  120. ladybluerose says:

    WOW Incredible…!
    toss up between the reds of #1 and the # 6 …
    Thank you for sharing such breathtaking beauty..
    I grow orchids, though more simple ones

  121. R says:

    What beautiful contrast and depth. My initial response was to say I like the second image best, but that last one and it’s gorgeous purple hue stole the show. 🙂

  122. Shannon says:

    I’m partial to #3 myself. #6 is stunning for color. And congrats on being FP’d! I was just checking your site the other day. And then, WOW. There you were. Front page. I hope you don’t have anything else to do this weekend as you catch up on all the great comments you’re likely to get. Great work. 🙂

  123. antarabesque says:

    Absolutely stunning! My favourite would be the last one, but then I am partial to purple. So beautiful. Well photographed too. Congrats on the FP!

  124. botanicart says:

    Love the lady slippers!!!! All images are beautiful though.

  125. the777man says:

    Definitely #2 is my favorite! They are very beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  126. char says:

    I love No. 4–that color gets me every time with flowers. These get my blood pumping hard for spring.

  127. Hello and thank you for capturing the magic of Longwood. All of the photos are stunning, but image 3 is simply stunning.

  128. Bitsy says:

    I couldn’t make a decision. All of the orchids are absolutely gorgeous. I have to say the photography is outstanding as well. Thanks so much for posting these.

  129. Snapshooter says:

    The second picture? Wow…just, wow.

  130. Geoff says:

    Image number 3 is the best in my opinion but they are all nice. I like the framing in number 3, well done overall, very nice. Orchids make for beautiful photography.

  131. Beautiful work! Many of the brooches I created were inspired by orchids. Several were inspired by photographs I took at the Cleveland Orchid Show and the orchid farms in Santa Barbara, CA.

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  132. Aren’t orchids wonderful! I’m going back to take more shots at our local conservatory annual orchid show. The color of the last one is lovely.

  133. corinthrose says:

    Number 3 gets my vote. I really enjoy photographing orchids even though I’ve not had too many opportunities to do so. Might want to check out my website, http://www.corinthrose.com for floral images when time permits. Not sure there are too many orchids in the galleries, though. Congratulations for being Freshly Pressed.

  134. conniewalden says:

    These are really beautiful photographs of some really beautiful displays of God’s handy work. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  135. These are beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer as well!
    Great job!

  136. Longwood Gardens is one of my all time favorite places to visit ever — these pictures really make me want to go there before their orchid showcase is over, thanks so much for sharing them!

  137. Super photos – bit worried about the spotty spider one; not my cup of whatever, but love the deep maroon and also the white. Thanks for sharing these

  138. dianne - life as i see it says:

    they are all beautiful, but to pick just one, it would have to be the first one. vibrent red and contrasting green, and beautiful placement 🙂

  139. Ammon says:

    Gorgeous orchids! I spent a couple of years in Venezuela and was always amazed by these incredible flowers. Some of them you could literally patch on your wall with tape and they’d grow on the spot!

  140. thanks,it was like a dream!!!!!

  141. fishingblues says:

    2 and 4 are my favorites. I love the speckled blooms of #2 and the beautiful colors and composition in #4. Lovely!

  142. bourbonkitty says:

    all beautiful, but my favourite is the mysterious number 4 – I would like to own such an orchid later!

    • I wish that I had the correct interior environment to grow them. That’s why I visit Longwood Gardens, but it’s not the same as cultivating them yourself. Thanks for your comments and visiting, sally

  143. Beautiful photos. I like 2-5-6, they are my favorite colors

  144. Amazing photos of amazing orchids! I cant decide between the last 2 though…..

  145. Gorgeous images (my personal favorite is # 4, closely followed by # 2). Orchids are my secret passion! My east facing living room windows have yielded some amazing blooms and one year I had orchid flowers year-round!

  146. As a freelance writer myself, I’m totally digging your “lens and pens” distinction — totally cool idea!

    And my personal fave: #2. Though #5 is captivating…


  147. Sally thank you for following my blog and it is my pleasure to follow yours as well.
    One thing i can say to your post is that you have an amazing eye for art and beauty.

    I believe it also goes with who you are!! A good person..


  148. Anne Camille says:

    Image 2 & 6 are my favorites. I like the composition of each of them. If I had to pick only one, I would choose 2 because of the interesting bloom; I love the spike-like petals. Yet, the simplicity of orchid 6 and its luscious color make the choice a difficult one.

  149. Anita Mac says:

    2 and 5 are my faves – although it was a tough choice. You have really captured the beauty of the orchid.

  150. Marianne Green says:

    Your photographs are magnificent – I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. My father grew orchids when I was a child and they will forever remind me of him and the loving care he gave them.

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